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Senility is a multi-gaming guild and aims to be a casual guild for the adult gamer. We have been providing a Adult gaming home since 2008 and have many community tools for you to find other like-minded adults to game with over the many games we play.

We all lead busy lives with our work and family commitments – that at the end of the day we want a stable and competitive guild, without the fear of being dismissed or berated for prioritising our real life responsibilities over those of gaming in general.

Senility is not a hard-core guild. We are tailored to the working adult and/or parent who cannot afford to spend countless hours on an MMO when life’s priorities demand our attention. Senility offers an adult community that specialises in casual play for adults who want to enjoy MMO’s without the pressures and time demands that other guilds sometimes inadvertently place on their members.

What we aim to offer:
Weekend raiding and pvp (afternoon/evenings)
Experienced leadership in PVE and PVP
No Stress!
No Drama!
Voice Chat via Discord (we have ts3 for backup, but members prefer discord)
18+ Age Restriction
Home away from home

The age requirement is a measure to ensure maturity within the guild. It does not mean all under 18 are immature, it just plays the odds.

Of course we are also open to people who like to play during the weekday and week day evenings.

In short our guild offers the casual, laid back, & good natured enjoyment of MMO’s with like-minded adults. If you have yet to find a guild that feels like it is a good fit for both your personal and virtual life, please consider becoming a member of Senility!We are not about the race, we enjoy the journey and adventures getting there.

We are based in the New Zealand time zone and cater to New Zealanders, Australians, US, Canadians, SEA and European players, or anyone else who feels our guild is a great fit to their gaming philosophy.